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A Book That Changed My Life

BY IN Life On July 4, 2016

4.5 Life Changing Book

I find that most people are like me when it comes to reading. After going to school for so long and being told what you need to read to pass whatever class you are in, all you want to read is just the stuff that is printed on an ongoing basis. After a while, you may start to realize how boring it really is and you end up doing it out of habit.

Eventually, I did start reading and in his book “Life Is Tremendous”, Charlie Jones said something that got my attention. He wrote, “You will be the same in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” I realized that Charlie was saying that “Leaders Are Readers”, to coin his phrase from his book and I disssssliked reading at the time. Sound like you? If you understand what I just had understood, I guarantee you your life will change forever. So what should you read? A very good question indeed as this is where I too found myself.

I came across many reading options. I eventually came across “Success, The Glenn Bland Method”, by you guessed it, Glenn Bland and I connected with it right away. It is a 176 page handbook that describes in detail fundamental skills and systems for succeeding. Glenn Bland became a very successful person in the “Life Insurance” industry. His thoughts and ideas can be used by anyone to this day to achieve what they want in their lives and this all from a person who came from an average family, according to his book, like most people I know, including me.

In the book, there is a section in there about finances, YAY!!!!. I know, I’m out of my mind. I read it with great interest and was excited with what Glenn Bland said in one area. What jumped out, and still does to this day, was this, “If you can’t live on $500 per month, you couldn’t live on $5,000 per month”. I thought, WOW, how true that is and that’s me to a tee!!! You see, at the time of my first reading, I was in a financial mess. Yea, yea, I’ve already heard it. How can you be an accountant and be in a financial mess? I’m human just like you and I wasn’t very good with my money. All I had was hope and I knew I had found it.

Granted the book is a bit dated since its first copyright was in 1972, but success is universal. One thing that Glenn Bland addresses very directly is the mindset of success. Much of what he talks about is similar to Napoleon Hill’s, “Think and Grow Rich”. Here are some examples:

  • You need a blueprint for success.
  • Anything you can think of believing you can achieve.
  • Men with goals and plans dictate to others while men who have no goals and plans are dictated to.
  • Quit thinking about all the reasons you can’t do something and think of all the reasons why you can.
  • Success is the progressive realization of predetermined worthwhile goals stabilized with balance and purified by belief.
  • The person who is the master of human relations is priceless!

Are you wondering if you should read “Success, the Glenn Bland Method”? I highly recommend you do and then check out the “Bibliography of Suggested Reading” at the back of the book. Will it have the same impact on you as it did for me? Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. The key thing here is for you to start reading so that you gain new insights. Once you have that “haha” moment, you will be on your way. This is just a way to kick start your new life, as it happened to me. And if you don’t read, chances are that you won’t lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On your “NUMBERS” team,



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