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You Can Do Anything With a Team

BY IN Business, Entrepreneur, Life On August 15, 2016

I often have the opportunity to review the state of my clients businesses. This is where numbers are fun in that I love the entrepreneurial spirit and I have quite a few of these types of clients. To really succeed, you need a loyal team behind you. If you are the driving force behind your business, ask yourself what would happen if you were suddenly not available any longer? Who else would be affected? Developing a team where your work can be performed by others will help protect everyone around you and see your business grow at an exponential rate greater than you can imagine. This will require team members who are just as exceptional in their work as you. Now, now, don’t be frightened by them. You’ll be happy you have them instead of thinking they will pull the rug right from under you. Crazy right? Absolutely! So then, where do you start and when? Right where you are, right now!

A great example of someone building a team and achieving incredible results is King David of Israel. In his time prior to becoming King, his country was a divided land and the people wanted someone to lead them. Once David defeated his giant, Goliath, he started building his team. These team members turned out to be exceptional in their field and they banded together. David worked with anyone and was able to create a loyal band of warriors. When the time came, they all rose together because this is what they had being doing all along. Also, David was not afraid of giving authority and responsibility to others as he made sure he got to know those he surrounded himself with. How about you, how do you feel about those around you? Will you trust them? Also, do you have the courage to slay your giant(s)?

With a loyal team, David created a very strong nation. Behind his leadership qualities was David’s tender heart for God. He knew that all was in vain unless there was a greater meaning than just being powerful and rich. David learned to listen to God and in return he was able to overcome many obstacles. Everyone benefited from David’s success and I can only imagine how many accountant’s David had on staff. It is said that he had the gold accounted for and that he didn’t really care much about the silver in his economy as there was so much of it. Imagine that! Do you have this kind of problem? Do you want this kind problem?

The above story sounds really good, doesn’t it? Well, things didn’t start out all too well for David as he was right where lots of people find themselves today, out in the wilderness tending sheep! A very influential man named Samuel came to see his father Jesse and this man was looking for the next leader from his family. Unbeknown to David, his father presented every one of his seven other brothers except him. Does this sound like you, being left out? If so, just remember, this is the beginning because David’s future was extremely bright and so is yours. David was eventually presented to Samuel, chosen as the next future King and had to wait 15 years before realizing it! Are you willing to wait for your turn or do you want to microwave yourself to success?

No matter where you are right now, your future is unwritten. To have your loyal team you must first be loyal yourself to others. King David proved this point and look where it got him. He did not have the best start and you too don’t have to. You do not have to be chosen by someone influential to lead as you were created and chosen by God himself to lead. It is only a choice away and the choice is yours. Well then, what’s your choice?

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