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How To HELP Those Around You

BY IN Life On June 27, 2016

4.0 Bill Walsh

There is no better place to watch, read and hear about success than in sports. On July 30, 2007, I was sad, as most, to learn that the former great San Francisco 49er head coach Bill Walsh had passed away. He was nicknamed “The Genius” for both his innovative play calling and design. As usual, I read a few write ups and was fascinated to read one from Yahoo sports. In it, something else came to the forefront.

In 1978 and 1979, San Francisco had only 2 wins per season. Bill Walsh was hired in 1979 and San Francisco won their first Super Bowl in 1981. As I picture this, I can see how much FUN it was to go to work for the 49ers in any position in their organization prior to 1979. Being an accountant myself, I can only imagine what their accountants had to put up with. Hopefully, they stuck around for the future and benefited greatly from what the team did through the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Bill Walsh was someone who worked at finding ways to have his players perform at peak efficiency week in and week out. He wanted every player to give their all as they stepped on the field. Walsh was very aware that most people, including his teams had 2 issues that most do: relationship and financial matters. These 2 topics can weigh us down and suck the potential out of us. This too is true of football players.

Bill Walsh organized and provided, according to the article I read, off field on going assistance to his players for relationship and financial matters so that when they stepped on the field, they at least knew that something was being done. This way, they could devote all of their attention to playing football. The result: 5 Super Bowl victories, numerous other records and titles by his players, teams and coaches. The last 2 49ers Super Bowls were won with George Seifert as head coach as Bill Walsh had already retired.

It is obvious to me that any organization that puts the well being of those who work for them as a top priority will eventually become champions in their field. If it can work in pro football, it will work anywhere. As an accountant, I have seen places where this is not true. The results: very weak balance sheets with continuous losses and/or constant flat results. I have also seen where workers are treated first class and productivity goes through the roof. I am quite sure I don’t need to tell you how strong their financials are as you can be sure they are quite strong.

If you are looking for a strong balance sheet coupled with encouraging and ongoing net income, learn to invest in the players on your team as Bill Walsh did. Work with those that you have been made responsible for and find ways to help them. If you will do that, it will only be a matter of time before you too become champions in your field.

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PS: If anyone can provide additional comments and/or information about Bill Walsh’s techniques, please let me know.


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