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Are You Paying Attention to your NUMBERS?

BY IN Finances, Life On September 5, 2016


Numbers, numbers, numbers…………..who cares, right? There are times when I agree and I have to remove it from my mind as numbers are important. Well then, if they are important, why do so many people hate this topic? From observation, fear is the biggie here. No one wants to admit that they have less money as it is a very private matter. You see, it’s the numbers that tell the whole story. The only problem is that if you don’t deal with it, it will continue to be a problem affecting you and everyone around you. This type of thinking has, in many instances, been passed down from generation to generation to generation and so on……….I am sure you get the picture. So then, how does it happen?


My Story

In 2001, we found ourselves in a very difficult financial mess. Are you now wondering where all those numbers skills of mine went? Absolutely nowhere! I just locked them up and had a good old time. I spent all of our savings, racked up the credit cards, and borrowed, borrowed, borrowed. Sound familiar? Can you guess what happened next? We started getting those great phone calls from your friendly collectors, including the tax department. It seemed that we spent their money too and they wanted what was theirs. Hang on a moment, all of the collectors wanted their money now and they went after it with the biggest bite they could muster – that’s right, they will take us to court. Still think numbers aren’t important? If not, why would all these wonderful collectors bother calling us?


Reality Check

This is the time to get real with your self as this is exactly what I did. I professed to be a responsible money person and didn’t bother to do the math on my own numbers. I’m sure you must be thinking how much fun numbers must have been. Not in the least! Yes, it was a mess and it was our mess. As the head of my household, I had vacated my role. No more! I decided to take back what was rightfully mine as this too is necessary. We were spending more than what we brought home, following our governments and everybody else. I don’t remember having to go through a tough economic time as in late 2008, but it sure felt like it. It was self induced and this is a big reason for our mess and the current economic situation a lot of countries find themselves in. This is when I introduced the very popular “budget” in our lives. As you can tell, it went over really well – NOT!


Accounting Time!

Once I had accepted responsibility for our mess, the next part was the actual “doing”. I came across the following phrase, “He who is faithful in little is faithful in much; and he who is unfaithful in little is unfaithful in much”. This came from the Bible, it made a lot of sense to me and it showed me the next step. Again, I introduced another very popular initiative called “bookkeeping”, where everything that came in and out of our hands needed to be accounted for, regardless of size. WOW, I know, I’m just blowing you away with another startling revelation that you have never heard of before. You see, we all know what to do, but we choose to not do it. This is similar to all our eating right and working out plans. We know they work, but we just put them off until…………..your fill in the rest.


Cash in Hand!

Of course, things didn’t change right away. But over time, our situation improved to the point where we actually started having cash in our hands. Imagine that, more money than bills. Who could ever think of that? Again, it really is simple in that we should spend less that what we earn. The problem is that we want what we want now and don’t want to wait for it. This thinking gets us into trouble in that we just borrow. It has become so easy that there is so much credit out there that we don’t think of the consequences, not to mention that we are not taught how to handle money. I have said all I have said to help you realize that whoever spends less than they earn is further ahead than those who don’t. If you will plan your financial work, work your plan and keep track of your finances, you too can overcome your financial troubles. Trust me, it works!

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